Sports therapy are sports rehabilitation are entirely focused on helping people affected by injury, illness or disability. You do not have to be sporty to benefit from our services. We use movement, manual therapy, education & advice to improve your symptoms and to manage any future flare-ups.

Each new client/condition will have an initial consultation where one of our skilled therapists will take a comprehensive and confidential history and physical assessment. We will explain why the condition has occurred, allowing you to properly understand the cause of your pain or problem.

From here a personal, evidence-based treatment plan will be put into action. You may be given a home exercise programme at the end of the session, in conjunction with your treatment. This will maximise the benefits of the treatment and, allow you to self-manage your symptoms where possible.

We also promote positive lifestyle behaviours by teaching individuals to self-manage their condition. This improves confidence, sense of well-being and quality of life. With these new acquired skills, we aim to give you a long-term solution so you can prevent recurrence of your condition and return to activity with confidence.

Rehabilitation and recovery requires a team effort. It is the home exercises that lead to lifelong improvements.