post lock-down

Clinics are re-opening, but what does a post lock-down clinic look like?

I have spent a large part of the time we have been closed keeping up to date with the science and guidance for how to keep us all safe. Risk assessments have been completed, and specific standard operating procedures are in place. This is an evolving situation, and things will change as time moves forward. With the measures I have put in place I am hoping that clinics will be able to remain open as we head into the winter.

Denbigh and Old Colwyn clinics are now up and running. Thank you for those of you who have attended so far. You have shaped how the clinics will run.

We are currently offering three options

  1. An initial consultation. For this we will ask you to complete some of the paperwork on-line before the appointment. The assessment and any exercise prescription can therefore be done in a way that complies with the social distancing rules currently in place.
  2. Follow-up appointments to review progress and prescribe further exercises. These will be for a maximum of 30 minutes.
  3. 1:1 Clinical Pilates. This is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their posture or relieve chronic back pain.

telephone consultation

We will be complying with all social distancing requirements, and therefore we have a list of simple rules:

  1. Appointments will start with a telephone consultation. I am asking you to book this call online, as I need to be at my desk, just the same as if I was sitting at the desk in clinic.
  2. Prior to attending all clients must complete a self-declaration regarding their exposure and symptoms.
  3. I will be sending some additional paperwork that can be completed before you attend.
  4. We cannot allow any other members of the household to attend the clinics, as we are trying to minimise the number of people in the building.
  5. Payment is by card or bank transfer, I am not taking cash at the moment.

Safety is our priority

A comprehensive risk assessment is in place regarding infection control, social distancing and risks regarding COVID 19 corona virus. A copy is available if you wish to see it.

To book an appointment please book a telephone appointment via our online booking system, or using the link below. We can discuss your requirements, arrange a time and location, and start the essential paperwork.

For more information please book a telephone consultation via the link below.